321 Sensory Paths
available on Rugs, Mats, and Vinyl Stickers

Sensory Path benefits

  • Brain Break for all students including neurodivergent
  • Motor skill development and body regulation
  • Learning executive function skills-what comes next?
  • Reinforce educational concepts
  • Therapy Motivator

What sets us apart

  • Created by a pediatric PT with over twenty years of field research in a large school district. (click here to learn more)
  • Our path themes are fun adventures that engage children’s imaginations – not just lines and arrows
  • Our sensory paths are available in three different formats (rug, mat, and vinyl) to offer the best choice for your environment

3 Sensory Path options to work in every environment

Portable Sensory Path Rugs

If you don’t have a long hallway available for stickers or don’t want the hassle of installing vinyl, we suggest our rugs.  The 4′ x 12′ soft nylon rugs are the solution if you want great sensory work AND portability. Simply unroll to use and roll up to store.  All designs are flexible – can be used as an infinity path, or loop. 

Portable Sensory Path Mats

If space is limited and/or your budget is tight our Sensory Path Mats are perfect for you! The 13′ x 10′ durable rubber mats have a complete sensory work out. Children love the colorful graphics and you will love the ease of use – just unroll and let the fun begin!

Sensory Path +
Wall Vinyl Stickers

There are many options on the market for sensory path stickers. 321 Sensory Path stickers are thoughtfully designed to give the maximum sensory work. They are commercially printed and laminated. All our vinyl comes with easy to follow instructions. 

Our sensory paths can be used in many different environments


Outpatient therapy offices

Daycares and nursery schools

After school programs

Retail stores and shopping malls

Car Dealerships


Busy parents!

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