Rexy's Sensory Playground Rug in detail

sensory path of dinosaur exercise

Rexy's Sensory Playground Path is designed for preschoolers

 Rexy’s playground, a vibrant and welcoming space, is ingeniously designed to captivate young minds through the enchanting world of dinosaurs. Tailored specifically for younger children, the playground features a series of activities that foster physical engagement and sensory play. At the heart of this magical space are the mom and child exercises, where triceratops and T-rex figures serve as charming guides. These familiar dinosaur characters not only provide a comforting sense of companionship but also inspire toddlers to participate more eagerly in sensory exercises. Rexy’s playground path is thoughtfully multi-layered, ensuring that children of all ability levels can find joy and challenge in equal measure. This inclusivity is a testament to thoughtful design, where every child is encouraged to embark on a sensory adventure.


The sensory paths are amazing! So colorful, practical and well thought out. Each mat addresses multiple sensory and motor elements. They are QUALITY! Very well contructed, easy to tote around from school to school! I highly recommend these mats!– Jaime H., Cinti., OH

The amazing sensory activity list

All of our products are shipped with a Suggested Activity Guide that explain how to use the graphics to get the best sensory workout. 

This is a brief description of the activities (the complete list is on the guide).

Sesnory path element of erupting volcano

Erupting Volcano

This colorful graphic has two activities: Volcano breathing which is a calming activity. 2nd, play floor is lava –  Jump over the hot lava puddles into cool sand or water.

sensory path triceratops footprints

Triceratops 'Bear' Crawl

Baby triceratops bear follows in mom’s footprints! He bear crawls to her, with hands and feet on floor with straight legs. Provides great stretching and deep proprioceptive input.
sensory path of pteranon egg

Egg in the Sand

Children lie on their back and bring head and legs into a ball. Holding that position, they roll side to side.  This strengthens the core.  Can also be used as an activity motivator. Pretend the egg fell out of the nest and needs to be put back in the nest- all the way across the mat. 

sensory path of fish swimming

Dino Fish Swim

Pretending to swim using large arm movements activates the upper body. Crossing the midline activates both brain hemispheres. Great for improving mind-body connection.

Surfing Stegosaurus

Standing with one foot in front of the other strengthens legs and improves balance. 

sensory path element of trex stomping

Baby T-Rex

Deliberate feet stomping provides tactile and proprioceptive input. Baby T-Rex follows  in mom’s footprints while lifting legs as high as possible for great sensory work. 

sensory path of flying pteranodons

Flying Pteranodons

Pretending to fly by reaching your arms out to the side and lifting one leg helps strengthen the upper arms to maintain balance and posture. 

sensory path of a tail wagging fish

Tail Swinging Dino

Just like these swimming dinos, swing your bottom from one side and then the other. This movement requires focus and body awareness while improving balance, flexibility and strength.

sensory path of running raptors


This element has options! Running in place requires concentration, it also  improves our mood!  You can also run to get the egg in the sand and stretch up to  return it to its nest. 

sensory path of dino in downward dog pose

Down Dog Yoga pose

Bending forward from the hip stretch and touch the floor. This yoga pose strengthens the whole body and calms the mind.  

sensory path of dino in peace yoga pose

Peace Yoga Pose

This easy pose relaxes the body and calms the mind. Children need to sit cross legged with hands on knees with palms facing upward. Deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth increase the benefits!

sensory path dino in yoga warrior pose

Warrior Yoga Pose

Children feel powerful in this pose! Start with one leg lunged forward and bend at the knee. Slide the other back and keep it straight. Reach your fingertips to the sky.  

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