Outer Space Rug in detail

Outer Space is full of sensory and educational fun!

This path is designed to work for a wide range of neurodiverse abilities. Teaching children to jump can be a challenge – telling them to pretend to be a rocket and blast off changes the learning curve in your favor. The asteroid stream of letters can be used on many levels – alphabet recognition to spelling site words.  All the while, knowing that great sensory work is also being done. See below for a description of each activity. Our goal is to make the activities a fun, positive experience. When doing star jumps, children love to exclaim: “I’m a star!”. 


“The sensory path at our school has been helpful for many students that need some extra help with body control. The input they receive from the sensory path helps them to calm their bodies and helps them get back into a zone that they can learn.” 
– Jaime H., Cinti., OH

The out of this world sensory activity list

All of our products are shipped with a Suggested Activity Guide that explain how to use the graphics to get the best sensory workout.
sensory path rocket

Rocket Blast

This action is great for improving motor planning to combine large muscle movements to work together. It provides deep proprioceptive input.
sensory path image of a streaming asteroid path with alphabet letters

Alphabet Asteroid

Tiptoe walking stretches many muscles and provides deep proprioceptive input. The educational challenge of letter recognition can be played many ways: sight words, name, ABC order etc.
Bright Orange asteroid spinning path

Swirling Meteor

Whole body spinning provides vestibular input and increases arousal.
image of astronaut boots and helmet

Astronaut Gear

Pretend dressing with helmet and boots provides proprioceptive input to muscles and joints. It helps organize the sensory system.

Astronaut Hopscotch

Hopscotch works on dexterity, and hand-eye coordination and helps to master body control. 
Bright green alien footprint

Alien Footprint

Learning number sense- Identifying the numerical order,  counting backwards, even and odd numbers – all skills that are more fun to learn playing hopscotch on our rug!
sensory path image of a planet to hop on

Planet Hop

Large jumps promote coordination, and strengthening. It also improves body awareness.
sensory path star

Star Stretch

This jumping exercise uses large muscle movement for strengthening, motor planning, and coordination of upper and lower body movements. We encourage children to exclaim: “I’m a star”!

sensory path alien char toe stretching

Alien Toe Yoga

This element uses large muscle movements for strengthening, and coordination of upper and lower body movements. 
sensory path alien yoga arm stretch

Alien Hug Yoga

Crossing your arms and squeezing your shoulders gives calming, deep pressure to muscles and joints. 

Alien Head Push Yoga

Pushing the top of your head provides proprioceptive input  and helps organize the sensory system.

sensory path triangle stretch

Alien Triangle Yoga

The triangle yoga provides vestibular input. Helps develop coordination to transfer weight from one side to the other. 

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