Fun Sensory Path Rugs

sensory path | beach activities

Our rugs are made to last through many happy path journeys

Close-up View

closeup of soft rug fibers
The rubber background will keep the rug in place

 Children love the sensory feeling of the soft carpet. The rubber backing prevents slippage. The rugs are very durable and easy to clean- it can be machine washed!

Our Path Logic

  • Vibrant, colored graphics engage children to use their imagination
  • Paths are masterfully designed by a pediatric physical therapist
  • All paths can be used in a single path, circle, or infinity loop
  • Rugs measure 4′ x 12′ and can be easily rolled and stored

Four imaginative designs provide great sensory work

Sensory Path dino theme

Rexy's Sensory Playground Rug

Friendly dinosaurs challenge children through exciting sensory activities. This path brings “the floor is lava game” to life with an erupting volcano to jump over! Can they balance on a surfboard in the ocean? Fly with Pteranodons to their nest? Stomp with a smiling T-Rex? Designed for toddlers, this sensory pathway is bursting with playful and engaging features!
sensory path graphics | educational elements

Outer Space Sensory Path Rug

Count down and blast off onto this exciting, educational sensory-packed path! The streaming asteroid path has the entire alphabet waiting to be tip-toed through. Children play hopscotch pretending to be an astronaut chasing an alien. They can hop on planets, and even do yoga with aliens!
sensory walkway | sensory activities

Sensory Island Educational Sensory Path Rug

Ride a sensory wave of ocean front fun! Children love the beach-themed activities so much they don’t realize how much sensory work is getting accomplished. Children will discover patterned popsicles with geometric shapes, inspiring, friendly ocean creatures and even a crocodile cloud! This path has 23 colorful and impactful elements to get children moving.
sensory path | activity of animal footprints

Walk in the Meadow Sensory Path Rug

Where can children stomp like an elephant and swim with goldfish in a beautiful blue pond? Simple answer: On this soft, nature-theme sensory rug! This colorful sensory path includes heavy work, bilateral coordination, and fun proprioceptive activities.

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