Four Dynamic Mat Designs

New Design!

Rexy's Sensory Playground Mat $295.

Children love the bright colors and playful dinosaurs on this sensory path. They happily bearwalk in mama triceratop’s sandy footprints and then swim with prehistoric fish in the ocean! They carefully balance on a surfboard, and then jump to T-Rex Island! They can choose to T-Rex stomp or fly across the island with Pterodactyls. Jumping back in the water, they shake their tail (hips) to splash everyone! Jumping back on the island they can run in place with the raptors and hop over the volcano and the lava. After ALL that sensory activity, they take deep breaths with three different dinosaurs in calming yoga positions. These fun activities help mind/body coordination, executive function, and provide deep proprioceptive input. 

sensory walkway in use

Outer Space Sensory Path Mat $295.

This compact mat has over 8 sensory activities. Count down and blast off onto this exciting, educational sensory-packed path. Children learn number recognition while pretending to be an astronaut chasing an alien. They spin around like a meteor and then jump and stretch doing the Star Jump. From there, they two foot jump across colorful planets, and finish by imitating three yoga posing aliens. For more sensory and educational work, they can tiptoe and count the geometric shapes floating in outer space.

*Due to the smaller size, the mat version of this design has hopscotch counting 1-9, has two star jumps and three yoga aliens.

sensory walkway | outer space theme
sensory path in school

Sensory Island Educational Path Mat $295.

Ride a sensory wave of ocean front fun! Children love the beach-themed activities so much they don’t realize how much sensory work is getting accomplished. Children will discover patterned popsicles with geometric shapes, inspiring, friendly ocean creatures and even a crocodile cloud! This mat has 18 colorful and impactful elements to get children moving.

*Due to the smaller size, the mat version of this design does not include the shark, octopus, clam, or life preserver activities.

sensory path | beach theme
sensory walkway | fun design

Walk in the Meadow Sensory Path Mat $295.

This nature themed path has impactful sensory activities! Children stomp like an elephant and swim with goldfish in a beautiful blue pond. They can pretend they are a bear and walk to the pond.  While tiptoeing on pond rocks, they can chose to hop on logs or be a frog! This colorful sensory path includes heavy work, bilateral coordination, and fun proprioceptive activities

*Due to the smaller size, the mat version of this design has smaller animal footprint and log jumping activities.

sensory path | outside design

Our "Path Logic" backed by 20 years Experience

sensory path strap
    Perfect sensory path for compact places! They measure  3′ x 10′ and can be easily rolled and stored.
  • Bright colored graphics entice children to have fun with the sensory activities.
  • Can be used to activate and calm children.
  • Paths are masterfully designed by a pediatric physical therapist with 20 years working in schools.

Close-up View of our Mat Quality

sensory path that last
sensory path rubber backing

Our mats are made of durable rubber. The design is baked into the rubber so it won’t fade. To prevent sliding, they have a non-slip, textured backing.

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