Sensory Island Rug in detail

sensory path | beach activities

The FUN Island of sensory activities!

Can you count all the sensory input that is happening in this video? From the long stretch of the boat pose, to whole body balance on the surf board, to hopping on melting popsicles, this portable rug delivers over 23 sensory activities. It also contains educational elements: Can you name the geometrical shapes on the popsicles and recognize the numbers on the fish? Therapists and teachers love the versatility of this path!


“The whole process from start to finish was super easy! I didn’t have any trouble…placing my order. The rug itself is beautiful and great quality! Thank you for the amazing customer service!”    – Kim T., Enid OK

A sampling of Sensory Island Activities

All of our products are shipped with a Suggested Activity Guide that explain how to use the graphics to get the best sensory workout.
sensory activity | yoga boat move

Boat Yoga

This pose works on core strength while building body awareness. 
Sensory activity | crab walk

Crab Walk

This activity helps organize the brain and  teaches whole body coordination.
sensory activity | Yoga stretch

Octopus Stretch

This fun stretch strengthens the core.
sensory activity | yoga stretch

Treasure Chest

This jumping action requires motor planning and works on strength, balance and coordination.
sensory activity | yoga stretch

Seaweed Stretch

Pretending to be seawood strengthens spine muscles and increases flexibility. 
sensory activity | yoga move

Beach Ball Yoga

This position addresses core strength and endurance. 
sensory activity | be a starfish

Starfish Yoga

A whole body stretch that promotes upright posture.

sensory activity | educational fish in a row

Counting Fish

The swimming fish line can be alerting and calming. Arms cross the midline to activate both brain hemispheres.
sensory activity | balancing on surfboard

Surf board

Legs, arms, and back are strengthened while improving balance.
sensory activity | yoga stretch
sensory activity | alerting yoga

Clouds & Sun Yoga

The sky is full of great full body stretches. These activities calm the body and mind.
sensory activity | brain calming yoga

Turtle Yoga

This pose calms the brain and provides a deep stretch to the lower back. 
sensory activity | Yoga improve focus

Parrot Yoga

This pose helps with balance, strength, flexibility and focus.

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