Walk in the Meadow Sensory Rug in detail

photo of the sensory path rug

Take this extraordinary walk of sensory activities!

This isn’t like any other walk you’ve ever done! Using your imagination, pretend to be a thirsty bear walking to get a drink. Isn’t that much more fun than being told to reach down to touch your toes? Therapy goals can be challenging for children to understand and our paths provide clarity. If you have a frog and footprints to follow, it is an immediate understanding. Our paths are designed by a pediatric therapist; perfect for those who need therapy and those who just need a brain break. Check out the fun, sensory activities listed below!


“Walking and moving in the the figure 8 pattern on the nature path promotes improved balance, increased attention and sensory regulation to support learning. A variety of shapes and patterns allow for jumping, hopping and stepping to get proprioceptive feedback for calming and organization. I highly recommend the sensory paths as a valuable tool… –Patti, Dayton, OH

The Meadow's sensory activity list

All of our products are shipped with a Suggested Activity Guide that explain how to use the graphics to get the best sensory workout.

Bear Walk

This activity provides stretching to many muscles and provides deep proprioceptive input. 

Elephant Stomp

March legs as high as possible. Great smile inducer while providing tactile and proprioceptive input. 

sensory path element of fish in a pond

Swimming Fish

This action uses large arm movements and activates the upper body. It also involves crossing the midline, which activates both brain hemispheres.
sensory path element of a lily pad

Lily Pad Hop

This jumping action requires motor planning and works on strength, balance and coordination. Many different options with this graphic. 

sensory path element of a frog feet

Frog Jump

This takes whole body coordination while strengthening the body’s large muscles.
sensory path element of a log

Log Turn & Hop

This full body turn and jumping action provides deep proprioceptive input.
sensory path element of a log

Slippery Worm

After log  jumping, the challenge is to stand on one leg and bend down to touch the worm. This improves executive thinking skills and balance.

close up image of pond rocks

Around the Rocks

Use tiptoes and very slowly pick a color rock to step on. This activity is alerting and increases body awareness

sensory path element of a tree yoga graphic

Calming Yoga Tree

This yoga move combined with three deep cleansing breaths, calms the body and mind.

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Tags: Portable Sensory Paths, Sensory, Sensory Path, Neurodiversity, Autism, Sensory Room, Sensory Hallway, Motor Pathways

Tags: Portable Sensory Paths, Sensory, Sensory Path, Neurodiversity, Autism, Sensory Room, Sensory Hallway, Motor Pathways, Sensory Integration, pediatric occupational therapy

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