Walk in the Meadow Vinyl Sticker Path

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Quantity of 103 vinyl stickers with laminated coating. All elements are individually cut out and ready for application. Can provide up to 20′ or more of sensory activities. Shipping is included in price.

2 reviews for Walk in the Meadow Vinyl Sticker Path

  1. admin

    “We have kids from PreK to 5th grade using it as they go by. It’s been a great addition to our P-8 school because it’s versatile. It’s been fantastic for sensory breaks during the day and whole class (or groups) especially on bad weather days. The preschool loves it. We can incorporate learning- colors, letters, and numbers. The way it’s set up it can be used one way down or as a full course back and forth. The school counselor uses it to help calm and center kids too. This sensory path is exactly what we needed. ”

    – Suzanne, Ohio PT

  2. Patti

    “The sensory paths are exciting and fun for our students! The creative design provide a way for all students to experience a motor break during hallway transitions. Walking and moving in the the figure 8 pattern on the nature path promotes improved balance, increased attention and sensory regulation to support learning. A variety of shapes and patterns allow for jumping, hopping and stepping to get proprioceptive feedback for calming and organization. I highly recommend the sensory paths as a valuable tool for your school!”

    – Patti, Physical Therapist

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